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“Artificial intelligence –
the creator of a better future?”

Accidentally or otherwise, we’ve all found ourselves in situations where things we were just thinking about show up in our web searches or the applications we use. It also seems entirely natural to us that when booking a taxi, the app we use can find one with a very precise arrival time or the location of the closest car using a ride-share service. All of this is based on algorithms, whose primary function is to make assumptions based on the available data. We’re witnessing the AI (artificial intelligence) revolution, which will impact us all. It seems highly convenient but also a little scary to us at the same time.

Data have been regarded as the new ‘black gold’ in entrepreneurship for the last decade or so. Now, the ability to quickly analyse large swathes of data provides a competitive advantage for businesses by freeing up both time and manpower. The advancement of AI is increasingly influencing companies, their business models and development strategies. Can AI fuel the growth of a company and its development, and can it also bring about unforeseen challenges and risks?

This year’s MELT Innovation Conference takes us deep into the world of AI, where technology, the present and the future converge. We will explore the impact of AI on various businesses and sectors by identifying its primary risks and opportunities and how companies can effectively manage them.

In an increasingly globalised world, only companies that can rapidly adapt to technological development will survive. Those that have successfully automated or are able to automate their business or production processes to the greatest extent, both in production and the service industries, are the ones that will come out on top. Many companies have examples to share of development opportunities provided by AI or practical experience of its use.

Tehnopol Science and Business Park, one of the partners to the Innovation Forum, will be showcasing lessons learned by companies from their AI development programme and introducing financing opportunities for AI-based ideas.

In the first session, hosted by the Tallinn City Enterprise Centre, speakers with practical expertise and knowledge in utilising AI within their companies in areas such as production processes, quality control, resource management and supply chain optimisation will take to the stage. We will be focussing in particular on the topic of using AI in personnel management by exploring how it can aid companies in their hiring process and talent management.

In the second session, hosted by Tallinn Creative, we’ll be exploring the future prospects of AI and its implications. We’ll discuss how AI has impacted both our daily lives and professional careers and what else is to be expected. We’ll also be examining the usefulness of AI for entrepreneurs in creative industries and how to use it in practice. What are the new skills we need with regard to AI and what exactly is the role of the human worker in a world dominated by it?

Join us at the MELT Innovation Conference to explore how AI could impact the growth of your company. Gain insights into where to begin with AI implementation, the mistakes to avoid and who to contact if you need assistance. The conference will also offer networking opportunities with entrepreneurs and experts who share your enthusiasm for AI.

In addition to this programme, the Tallinn Creative Hub will also play host to a traditional showcase area in which you can learn about the groundbreaking new products and services offered by Estonian entrepreneurs. The day will conclude with a lively networking event, offering a relaxed environment for you to mingle and share the insights you gained throughout the day.

The MELT Innovation Forum will take place on 16 April 2024 at the Tallinn Creative Hub, organised by the Tallinn Enterprise Centre, Tallinn Creative and Tehnopol Science and Business Park.

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The MELT programme will be in Estonian, with the exception of the keynote speaker, who will give their presentation in English.

You can find the event programme, information about the speakers and the list of companies participating in the showcase area on the Estonian-language MELT webpage.